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Polly for Slack

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To all questions big and small, right in Slack

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Polly works where you work

Keep your team strong and connected no matter where they are.

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Purpose-built for Slack

Polly is built to work in Slack. Simply type /Polly in any channel and Polly will guide you through the rest. It’s that simple.

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Immediate response

Polly gets you a 7-10x faster response than a typical survey or a form. See each response the second they come in so you can act quickly.


Make better decisions

With real-time data you can make better decisions, faster.

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Instant results, visualized

Our web app visualizes your results as they come in. Export it as a CSV, share the results in a channel, or as a direct message in Slack.

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Automate repetitive workflows

Schedule up a recurring polly for those routine but important tasks: 1-on-1 meeting agendas, weekly check-in, daily standup, and more.

Moderating an Open Forum

Amplify diverse voices

Open a direct line to the insight and perspectives of your entire team.

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Structured bottom-up feedback

Get senior leaders and team leads actionable feedback in a format they can use to improve employee experience.

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Address sensitive issues

Give everyone a permanent safe space they can trust to share input on sensitive topics with anonymity controls at any time.

Moderating an Open Forum

Ditch the survey and send a polly