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On a scale of 1-5, how engaging are your pulse surveys? On a scale of 1-5, how engaging are your pulse surveys?

Identify employee challenges before they become catastrophic problems with automated and highly engaging surveys.

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Polly works where you work

Templates + Creation of Polly

Platform-native apps

Polly works where you work. Access native apps for Slack, Teams, and Zooms, and send pulse surveys in a friction-free way.


All it takes is a /Polly

Simply type /polly in any channel and we’ll guide you through the rest. Pulse surveys have never been easier.


More responses, faster

Give your team the ability to engage with pulse surveys faster without the need for context switching.

integrate with slack and ms teams

Launch surveys where work happens

Drive survey engagement without sacrificing productivity. Team members can provide pulse survey feedback directly from Teams or Slack. Less context switching means more focus time in your team’s day.

integrate with slack and ms teams
automate a pulse survey frequency

Set a cadence that just makes sense

Build habits around your pulse checks by automating their sending frequency. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or get creative with custom settings. Get the flexibility of scheduling around the best cadence for your team.

automate a pulse survey frequency

See clear trends over time

Whether employees are happier over time (or the opposite), you’ll have a baseline to measure against. Stop guessing if issues exist or not and see for yourself.


Pulse Survey Templates

Set up recurring pulse checks so that you can tackle challenges before they become problems.

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Google Meet
Teams remote teams

Remote Pulse Check-in

Build a better understanding of how your hybrid team's feeling each week and gather the insights you need to better support your team

Teams remote teams

Team Happiness Pulse Survey

A lightweight pulse survey of rotating questions to gauge your team's morale and happiness.

Teams remote teams

Remote Insights Pulse

With this rotating weekly pulse survey, Polly captures all the most pressing details on how your team is adjusting to remote work.

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